A patch of fuzz

This page houses a gallery of an almost infinite number of images. The curator, a universal image generator, has the sole purpose of exhaustively displaying everything that can be displayed in this 32x32 4-bit space.

Although each image appears chaotic and random, the tiny bit of math and code that generates each frame guarantees that there are never any duplicates. The curator will display every possible image exactly once, and then halt. This task will take many times the predicted lifespan of the universe to complete.

Between the static, everything imaginable will eventually make an appearance. If you watch long enough, you will see: the face of everyone who has ever lived, true images of your birth and death, all false futures, the face of everyone who will never exist, messages only you can interpret, messages no one can interpret, infinite empty space, every spec of dust, a pale blue dot, a patch of fuzz, and a lot more static.